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  Electronic Capture Board
Plain Paper C11W    !!  NEW !!

CaptureBoard™ C11W !

An entirely new tool for classrooms, meetings and presentations!



C11W CaptureBoard on Mobile Stand

HP Colour printer included!

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 Overview top

Putting the "Capture" in CaptureBoard™
"Capture" the image projected on the screen along with all of the notes and comments written on the screen into a single file on you computer! The
CaptureBoard C11W new standard in the copy board market.

The unique surface of the Plus CaptureBoard™ C-11W allows you to project a 60" image without reflection or glare, while at the same time allowing you to write on the surface with PLUS dry-erase markers. Make annotations to the projected image and then using the CaptureBoard software, save the projected image and the handwritten comments together as one digital image file.

The saved file, with both the projected image and the handwritten notes, can then be printed or emailed for distribution so that everyone has an exact copy of the meeting notes. Use it as a convenient reference point for future projects.

Like other PLUS products, the CaptureBoard C11W was designed for ease-of-use. There is minimal set-up and the interface is intuitive and requires little training to master.

The Capture Board C-11W ™ can be used in classrooms and almost endless business, meeting and presentation environments . And the CaptureBoard's simplicity of design and ease-of-use guarantees that it will get used all the time.

Other functions

Store Your Hand-Written Notes Digitally
The CaptureBoard™ allows you to store and retrieve the data written on the board through either a Direct PC Connection, or by using a USB Memory Stick. Once the data has been downloaded to your computer, you can utilize it in many useful ways:

  • Easily distribute exact copies of your work via email. Send it to absent audience members!
  • Using office applications, insert the writing on the board into business documents and other materials.
  • Further edit and enhance your work with image editing software.
  • Cut down on storage space and clutter with compact digital files.

Print Your Hand-Written Notes To Paper. No computer required for your print out!
The CaptureBoard C11 allows you to directly print the written contents of the board in colour or black and white using standard (compatible) inkjet or mono-chrome laser printers. (Note: Combined files consisting of the hand-written notes and the projected image must be printed from your computer only.) You can utilize the printer in either the CaptureBoard's wall-mounted or floor-standing configuration. Please note that the CaptureBoard™ does not come with a printer. Compatible printers are widely available from retailers nationwide. Advantages of plain paper copies:

  • Present your audience with an exact copy of what has been written on the board.
  • Listeners can commit their attention to the presentation; not to taking notes.
  • Maintain consistency by preventing errors or omissions in drawings, charts, and diagrams.
  • Conveniently store paper copies for future reference.
The CaptureBoard Plus C-11W uses a new LED light system for low power consumption. No lamp replacement is necessary.

The C-11W CaptureBoard comes with mobile stand, wall mounting equipment and a compatible HP colour printer included.


 Key Features top

"Capture" the image projected on the screen along with all of the notes

Electronic copyboard available with built-in USB Memory Stick port!
• Fully functional easy-to-use and integrated on-board control panel.
• Select between color and black-and-white to conserve printer ink.

• Adjustable density control of print-out.
• Repeat button allows you to print again without re-scanning.
• Supports both inkjet and laser printers (compatible printers only)
• Built-in power outlet and USB connection for printer.
• Lightweight design for added portability and wall mounting.
• Also available with stand with casters: allows for easy room-to-room transfer.

 Specifications top
Model Number   C-11W
Writing Surface Size (W x H)   1780 x 900
Panel Size (W x H)   1800 x 920
Dimensions (with stand) (WxDxH)   1970 x 700 x 1970 max
Number of Panels   2
Panel Driving Method   One Direction Endless Drive
Grid   50 x 50mm
Reading Method   CCD Optical Sensor (RGB LED)
Print Method   Inkjet (HP PCL Level 3 DeskJet or Compatible)

Paper   Plain Paper Letter-Size/ A4
Colors   Black, Red, Blue, Green
Interface   USB 1.1 or USB Full-Speed mode
Memory Card Type   USB Flash Memory Stick
Wall Mountable & Mobile Stand   C-11W-MSP: on Mobile Stand & Printer

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