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PLUS U5 532

New Education Standard

Save $ 300 on RSP * ($ 2,865)

Our Price: $ 2,365


Display Type DLP 0.7"
Native Resolution XGA (1024 x 768)
Brightness 1800 ANSI Lumens
Lamp Life 2,000h (Normal) - 3,000 h (Eco-mode)
Lens Manual Zoom & Focus
Weight 1.9 Kg
Warranty 3 Years !

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Projector Features top

You no longer have to make the choice between a short-focus or zoom lens with the XGA U5-532. An innovative "short-focus zoom lens" capable of doing double duty has been created by PLUS for the new U5-Series. Also, at 1800 lumens you won't have to worry about ambient lighting ever again. The U5-532 can meet all of your demands for the highest quality presentations.

Use of the new DDR dramatically improves the projector's contrast with a high 2000:1 ratio. Project crisp, sharp images in which black looks black, and white is really white. A rich range of gradations enables the faithful reproduction of subtle color shades, greatly enhancing the picture's quality.

Further protect your investment: U5 series projectors can be set to require the input of a password at startup.

Key Features

  • Double Security: Password protection feature and security cable slot.
  • Short-focus zoom lens lets you optically zoom or have a large screen from a close distance.
  • User-selectable "Eco-Mode" to help you save valuable lamp life hours with only a 20% reduction in brightness.
  • High contrast ratio of 2000:1 gives clear images with same brightness. Black looks black and white looks white.
  • Auto-source features automatically identifies the input as RGB or Video before projecting.
  • Short-focus lens for big presentations in small quarters.
  • Improved video clarity with DLP DDR chip by Texas Instruments.
  • Automatically adjusts the phase, clock speed, and resolution of the RGB signal
    from the PC.
  • Enhanced presentation support with on-screen timer.
  • Support for High-Definition (480p, 576p, 1080i, 720p) broadcasts with line-doubling function.
  • On-screen user interface features simple pull-down menus.
  • Digital keystone correction, zoom, smooth, mute, and freeze commands.
  • Easily accessible PC-control RS232 port.
  • One-touch foot adjustment : Easily adjust the projector's position using front foot adjuster.

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*RSP= Recommended Selling Price